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Ara Maroo is a self-taught artist who started her drawings and paintings in winter of 2019.

Painting has always been her favorite thing to do since she was in her early teens even though her life didn't allow her that way afterwards.  

While she was working in a financial institution for many years, Ara Maroo has been still holding the rope that connected to her childhood dream, which was creating artworks.  And, finally, she started her paintings after a long turn.

Ara Maroo loves to walk in nature and interact with animals.  Walking in nature and meditations are the big part for Ara Maroo to process her paintings.

Ara Maroo thinks that the creating artworks is a lifelong journey that evolves the expressions over the time as our life goes as we are walking, discovering and deciding the new paths in everyday life.

These days, Ara Maroo finds images and motifs that relate nature things and brings them to her paintings using, mainly, watercolours and occasionally, she also explores using other mediums to broaden her artworks.

Ara Maroo believes paintings including the process are the most fantastic peaceful tool to communicate in our lives between.  


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